Finding a lawyer in Los Angeles has never been a problem. Finding a great lawyer, however, is substantially more challenging given that legal expertise is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ market. Having worked closely with Bill Wegner on a myriad of complex matters during the past three decades, Bill has consistently demonstrated his mastery of the law and understanding of business dynamics in both a transactional and litigation setting. He is a likable leader who commands respect with his confidence in the face of either crisis or opportunity…; and is a master strategist whose well-interpreted reading of the law is equaled only by his ability to read people and situations.

As a man, I’ve always observed Bill to be defined as much by his heart, as he is by his brain. To be sure, his professional integrity and loyalty to his clients lead him in every situation in which he’s involved. As long time General Counsel to my company, Tricor Entertainment, Inc., Bill has represented us in countless matters involving high-profile entertainment companies, marquis talent, and global institutions, where only a classy and credible lawyer could succeed. And succeed he does. While Bill has always placed great value on winning, he does so without destroying the underlying relationship that is meant to survive once the matter is resolved. Such understanding is imperative in our industry – and I believe most all industries – when the value of the contact is often greater than the value of the contract.

With all of that said, perhaps a line I’ve been most fond of using throughout my business life says it best: “There is a time to build a bridge… and a time to bomb a bridge. The art of the deal is knowing what time it is.” For my dear friend Bill, he always knows the time.

Craig C. Darian. Tricor Entertainment, Inc.
February 27, 2009